Interpretation of the intent and ensuring the requirements of codes, standards and specifications are met. Ensuring that a procedure is available, has been approved and is being employed in production. Witnessing the preparation of test plates and destructive tests and verifying compliance with appropriate standards and specifications. Verifying that adequate and valid welder approvals are available, and that only approved welders are used in production. Verifying parent material against documentation and markings. Verification of correctness of welding consumables (electrodes, filler wires, consumable inserts, gases, fluxes etc.) Verification that dimensions, fit-up and weld preparations are in accordance with specifications. Verification that any required preheat is in accordance with the specified procedure. Surveillance during welding to verify compliance with specified procedures including any per-heat, inter-pass temperature control and post heat requirements. Assistance and agreement with the preparation of Inspection and Test Plans (ITP’s)Verification, when required that post weld heat treatment has been conducted in accordance with specification requirements. Visual inspection and dimensional check of completed weldment against specification requirements and drawings. The study and cognizance of NDT results on any welding work for which the welding inspector is responsible. Where the duties of the welding inspector include using NDT methods such as liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, radiography or ultrasonic inspection then it is suggested that he/she obtains certification in accordance with the related approval schemes. Evaluation of and preparation of inspection reports for the employer or the client. Maintenance of records of inspections carried out

Must have good math skills, particularly in algebra, as well as excellent communication and problem-solving skills. Must also be skilled at reading blueprints and recognizing and understanding a wide variety of welding techniques. Will need problem solving skills, good communication skills and a willingness to travel.



High School or better

Licenses & Certifications


Texas Driver’s License