Job Description

Company description

Weld O’ Canada is a custom manufacturer of ASME pressure vessels, biopharmaceutical equipment, modular skids, vacuum chambers, storage tanks and other custom designed equipment and stainless steel applications. Industries served include biopharmaceutical, semiconductor, alternative energy, power generation, and other industrial applications.

Weld O Canada’s clients consist of well-established and industry-leading firms that require exceptional precision and quality engineered components delivered on time and at competitive prices.

25 years experience in industrial and commercial in welding and installation, well trained and do it one’s attitude, we deal all kind of services industrial or commercial, Safety is in our system.

Weld O’ Canada has the equipment, personnel and knowledge to fabricate vessels, piping and complete modules to the exacting standards of the biopharmaceutical industry. All Biopharm fabrications are built to CGPM or ASME-BPE requirements in our segregated, sanitary fabrication shop. Our quality control, production and engineering work in conjunction to provide you with complete CIP clean-ability and coverage. Our quality control, production and engineering departments work together to ensure the validation of your vessel is effortless. If desired, our engineering, project management and quality departments will assist you by providing IQ and OQ documentation related to our scope of supply.

Job description

  • Must have 15+ years experience including experience with Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Proficient at reading drawings, laying out, Mig/Tig/Stick welding. Typical fabrication include railings, stairs, cladding, small structural platforms for large commercial, institutional and civil construction projects.
  • Must have priority on safe working practices and keeping the shop organized
  • Lays out, fits, and welds fabricated, cast, and forged components to assemble structural forms, such as machinery frames, tanks, pressure vessels, furnace shells, and building and bridge parts, according to blueprints and knowledge of welding and metallurgy: Selects equipment and plans layout, assembly, and welding, applying knowledge of geometry, physical properties of metal machining weld shrinkage, and welding techniques.
  • Bolts, clamps, and tack-welds parts to secure in position for welding.
  • May assemble parts by bolting and riveting.
  • May repair products by dismantling, straightening, reshaping, and reassembling parts, using cutting torch, straightening press, and handtools, and be designated Welder, Structural Repair.
  • May specialize in using one welding process and be designated Welder-Fitter, Arc; Welder-Fitter, Gas.
  • May specialize in fitting and welding components of metal tools, dies, and fixtures and be designated Welder, Tool And Die.
  • Must have CWB Welding Supervisor Certification

Industry: Industrial Manufacturing

Reference ID: 18306

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Permanent

Salary: $50000-70000

Week: 44hrs/week

Reference ID: 18306

Expected Start Date: 2020-10-13

Job Types: Full-time, Contract, Permanent

Salary: $50,000.00-$70,000.00 per year



  • Welding: 10 years (Preferred)
  • Fitting: 1 year (Preferred)


  • CWB Welding Supervisor (Preferred)

Work remotely: