Responsible for the safe operation of welding machines and equipment.

Demonstrates a mastery of welding tasks using GMAW, FCAW and GTAW (TIG) processes with some supervision required.

Moves material to other locations as required.

Perform assigned tasks under the direction of Bay Leader.

Work at organizing and maintaining personal and company tools, equipment, and work area in a professional manner.

Acquire personal tools as required.

Other duties as assigned.

Attends work per work schedule.

Works in a safe manner, understands and follows safety regulations,

Identifies and corrects unsafe practices by others.

Has taken and passed structural weld certification.

Employee maintains a positive attitude.

Employee’s work is of excellent quality.

Employee’s production meets or exceeds expected rate.

High school diploma or equivalent required

TIG welding experience required

Must be able to use GMAW and FCAW process

Tig welding of Aluminum preferred