Benefits and retirement

Purpose: Secure components together using electric welding. Create accurate welds that do not change

the measurements of the component and will be able to with stand various types of steam, hot water,

gases, lubrications, sprinkling, and industrial processing systems.

Work Schedule: Varies by location. Must have open availability any time any day of the week. Length of

employment is limited to job assignment and/or project duration.

Essential Skills (may include but are not limited to the ability to: )

  • Secure components together applying knowledge of geometry, physical properties of metal machining

weld shrinkage, and welding techniques.

  • Select appropriate equipment and plan the layout and assembly of a welding process.
  • Apply knowledge of geometry, physical properties of metal machining weld shrinkage and welding


  • Bolt, clamp and tack weld parts to secure in position for welding.
  • Prepare material for welding by cutting or grinding using pipe cutters, hammer and chisel, cutting torch,

and/or grinder.

  • Set material in stands, racks, hoists, etc. for welding.
  • Set up equipment and weld parts using arc, gas shielded arc, submerged arc or gas welding equipment.
  • Repair products by dismantling, straightening and reshaping.
  • Reassemble parts using cutting torch, straightening press and hand tools.
  • Read and understand plans, isometrics, arrangement drawings, details, specifications, erection

manuals, and/or blueprints and make decisions based on measurable criteria.

  • Visualizes objects in three dimensions from plans and drawings.
  • Measure, cut, bevel, grind, and fit pipe to specifications and blueprints.
  • Pass Samuel EPC approved testing procedures for both structural and pipe welding.
  • Fabricate for socket weld pipe from isometrics
  • Identify pipe by size, type, and wall thickness
  • Perform simple rigging operations
  • Install pipe hangers, supports, anchors, and guides
  • Work within precise limits and standards of accuracy.
  • Follow oral and written directions
  • Work within company policy as outlined in the Samuel EPC Craft Handbook and maintain compliance with both the Samuel EPC

Human Resources Policy Manual and the Samuel EPC Safety Manual.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the foreman/supervisor as needed.

Essential Qualifications

  • Five (5) years minimum Field experience in trade
  • Ability to identify all techniques of welding (TIG, MIG, arc, etc.), and know all properties of various

types of metal and how heat affects them.

  • Ability to identify the requirements for various welding tests (6g, X ray, etc.) and to produce

welds that meet each requirement.

  • Completion of certification administered by Samuel EPC

Ability to work with others to achieve job goals

  • Read, write and communicate using the English language sufficient to perform job functions

(other preferences will be given for special language skills where there is a business need)

Physical Requirements

  • Stand or walk for long periods of time
  • Use arms and hands to reach for, handle or manipulate objects
  • Lift and carry materials weighing up to 50 pounds; occasionally lift items weighing more than 50

pounds with assistance

  • Climb up and down ladders, scaffolds and other objects
  • Stoop, kneel, crouch and crawl
  • See well (naturally or with correction)
  • Eye hand coordination
  • Good physical fitness
  • Good sense of balance
  • Work at great heights

Tool Requirements

  • Steel toed work boots
  • 25′ Steel Tape Measure
  • TIG Rig with Argon hose, regulator and Power Cable (only applicable when tested for TIG


  • Welding Helmet with #10 Filter Lens & Hard Hat Attachment
  • Leather Gauntlet Type Welding Gloves (SMAW)
  • Cutting Goggles With #5 or #6 Filter Lens
  • Friction Lighter (Striker)
  • Leather Sleeves
  • 15′ Whip (Stinger) & Ground Connector
  • Chipping Hammer
  • Rod Pouch
  • 9″ Side Cutters (Klein)
  • 9-1/2″ Channel Lock Pliers
  • 12″ Adjustable Wrench
  • 12″ Half Round File with Handle
  • Allen wrench Set to3/8″
  • 4″ Screwdriver Slotted 1/4″ Tip
  • Toolbox with Lock
  • TIG Gloves
  • Hand Brush S/S (Scratch)
  • Hand Brush C/S (Scratch)
  • Raincoat or poncho

Additional details:

  • Provide own truck and welding source (machine must be capable of meeting welding Samuel

EPC’s welding standards)

  • An agreed upon hourly rate will be paid for use of machine as long as machine is operational,

rig welder responsible for all repairs to machine.

  • Activities other than welding will be required. Sitting in trucks waiting on next welds will not be


It is good if you know a Helper that can come with you. If so please have them fill out the Helper Application on Samuelengineering.com.