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Denton, TX

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Solid Waste

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Definition: Responsible for completion of welding jobs on metal structures, equipment and parts under general supervision, specifically on Dumpsters and Trash Compactors.

Essential Functions and Other Important Duties

Key Responsibilities:
Performs maintenance, repairs, painting, fabricating, welding, remodeling, and construction on a variety of metal products from samples and sketches

Welds metal components to fabricate equipment or structures according to layouts, blueprints or work orders using arc and gas welders, acetylene oxygen welding equipment, MIG (metallic inert gas) welder, portable magnetic drill press or cutting torch

Produces strong penetrated welds that are smooth, non-porous, and consistent

Inspects and checks equipment before and after use, performs minor maintenance activities and reports exceptional problems to supervisor

Operates the equipment in a safe manner and reports hazards to supervision

Maintains welding supplies inventory to ensure necessary supplies are available when needed.

Performs maintenance on dumpsters in the field including repair lids, remove graffiti, painting

Refurbishes dumpsters: including preparing, scraping, and repainting entire dumpster, installing new lids, numbers and sticker to make ready for customer.

Performs minor maintenance on trash compactors, repairing hydraulic hoses, hydraulic fittings, changing hydraulic fluids.

Operates heavy complex motorized equipment over 26,000 lbs; operates smaller equipment as needed, such as forklifts

Cleans and maintains an orderly work area

Maintains regular and punctual on-site attendance

Additional Duties:
Performs other duties as assigned

Assists with maintaining all TCEQ rules and regulations

Occasionally confers with customers regarding service location problems and reports information obtained to supervisor.

Sets up new customers with trash compactor services, including delivery, anchoring hydraulic unit and guide rail to concrete. Ensures unit is operational and provides customer training.

Performs other skilled tasks which may require knowledge of a specific field, e.g. minor electrical repair on trash compactors or mechanical repair on hydraulic hoses.

Job Requirements

Minimum Qualifications / Acceptable Equivalency:
High School Diploma or GED and 2 years welder fabricator experience


5 years or more welder fabricator experience


Any combination of related education, experience, certifications and licenses that will result in a candidate successfully performing the essential functions of the job

Core Competencies:
Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing

Ability to form and maintain effective relationships with coworkers and customers

Ability to weld vertical, flat, and overhead welds with a good penetration and a quality appearance

Ability to use tools and equipment used in welding operations

Ability to determine types of welds needed on various metals

Ability to read and interpret blueprints, diagrams and sketches

Ability to perform all job duties in a safe manner

Ability to perform job duties in a manner that is consistent with the City of Denton’s mission to be a leader among cities in delivering outstanding quality services and products through citizen involvement, innovation and efficient use of resources.

Knowledge of the methods, procedures, tools, materials and equipment used in welding metal structures

Knowledge of general repair and maintenance of mechanical equipment, e.g. trash compactors or electric/hydraulic power units

Bilingual in Spanish and English

Prior welder fabricator experience

Texas Class “A” CDL

Additional prior experience in a field services environment

Conditions of Employment:
Must have and maintain a valid Class “C” Driver’s License and valid state required minimum automobile liability insurance prior to employment (must obtain Texas Class “C” driver’s license and state required minimum automobile liability insurance within 90 days of hire per state law)

Must possess and maintain a valid Class “B” CDL driver’s license

Must pass a drug test, driver’s license check, criminal history background check, and social security number verification check

Must pass a physical examination

Must be able to work in varying weather conditions

Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds

May be required to respond to emergencies at all hours

Must be able to work overtime when requested

Environmental Factors and Conditions/Physical Requirements

Physical Requirements:
Overall Strength Demands: The italicized word describes the overall strength demand of the functions performed by the incumbent during a typical workday.

Sedentary – lifting no more than 10 pounds

Light – lifting no more than 20 pounds; carry up to 10 pounds

Medium – lifting no more than 50 pounds, carry up to 25 pounds

Heavy – lifting no more than 100 pounds, carry up to 50 pounds

Very Heavy – lifting more than 100 pounds, carry more than 50 pounds

Physical Demand Codes: The following describes if the incumbent is expected to exert the following physical demands during a typical workday and the overall frequency.

Codes for “how often”:
Y = Yes

N = No

E = extensive (100-70%)

M = moderate (60-30%)

I = infrequent (20-10%)

A = almost never (<10%)

Task: Code:
Standing: E

Sitting: M

Walking: E

Lifting: M

Carrying: M

Pushing/Pulling: M

Overhead Work: I

Fine Dexterity: M

Kneeling: M

Crouching: M

Crawling: I

Bending: M

Twisting: M

Climbing: I

Balancing: M

Vision: E

Hearing: E

Talking: E

Video Display: E

Machines, Tools, Equipment and Work Aids:
The essential functions of this position require the use of hand tools, drills, grinders, band saws, welders, plasma cutter, acetylene torches, airless paint gun, operate forklift, operate tandem vehicle over 26,001 lbs GVWR

Environmental Factors: The essential functions of this position are performed in a field services environment which includes exposure to inclement weather and traffic hazards

This job description is not an employment agreement, contract agreement, or contract. Management has exclusive right to alter this job description at any time without notice.


The City of Denton maintains competitive benefit options.


City of Denton


601 E. Hickory Street

Suite A

Denton, Texas, 76205


(940) 349-8340