Experienced Professional

Theprimary purpose of this position is to perform the welding of Industrial Gas TurbineComponents for the purpose of manufacture and repair in the Repair ProcessDepartment with minimal supervision according to manufacturing and customerrequirements.

Thefollowing are the major job duties, but this job description does not precludethe performance of other duties by the incumbent. Unless otherwise stated, each employee isresponsible for their own work as well as the responsibility of safety forthemselves and their co-workers.

PrimaryJob Responsibilities:

  • Weldingrepair of industrial gas turbine components

o Read& interpret travelers/documents to gather work instructions.

o Weldin accordance with manufacturing specifications.

o Mustbe able to properly set up welding station and machinery to perform welding.

o Selectproper weld wire in accordance with product specifications.

o Prepand polish areas requiring weld.

o Performrepair welding and blending of gas turbine components.

  • Performstructural repairs of Stationary Vane Shrouds.
  • InnerShroud Repairs both Gas and Non-Gas Path Sides.
  • OuterShroud Repairs both Gas and Non-Gas Path Sides.

o Beltsand/blend production components.

o Performin-process inspection of parts.

o Ableto remove excess weld and braze and grit blast.

Requiresthe ability to perform math skills such as addition, subtraction,multiplication, and division; also requires the simple use of formulas, charts,tables, drawings, specifications, schedules, or diagrams.


Musthave successfully completed a certified welding curriculum resulting in avocational diploma.


Musthave 2 years minimum experience equivalent in Gas tungsten arc welding (TIG).

§ Must demonstrateproficiency in one of the following welding processes:

A. Gas tungsten arc welding (TIG)

B. Metal inert gas welding (MIG)

C. Shielded metal arc welding (ARC)

D. Gas metal arc welding

§ Mustdemonstrate the ability to setup and operate related welding equipment toperform any or all of the specified welding applications.

§ Mustcomplete certification in qualification tests as dictated by welding processapplications. Must pass practical weldtest using Gas tungsten arc welding (TIG) application.

§ Musthave successfully completed a certified welding curriculum resulting in avocational diploma or must have 2 years minimum experience equivalent in Gastungsten arc welding (TIG).

Withthe above knowledge/skills, it is expected to take six (6) months maximum tobecome proficient in all the job responsibilities