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Do you want to know regarding the underwater welding salary? If it’s a YES, then this is the right spot for you. Underwater welding salaries are one of the highest paying in the world.

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There are many types of welding around the market. The demand for welding jobs seems to keep growing with time, all around the United States. This creates a good salary since the niche is still not overly saturated. If you are planning on becoming an underwater welder or want to become one, then this guide will prove to be a useful one for you.


Underwater welding uses professional welders to go deep underwater and try to fix, more like welding things. Welding underwater may seem like a risky job but has its perks. For most people, welding underwater is an adventure and not just about money. In any case, you have to be extremely professional and intelligent to get a license for underwater welding.


After you get a professional license, you will then be able to do welding underwater and gain a good amount. The average underwater welder salary may range from $40,000 to $100,000 per year. This makes for a comfortable lifestyle with luxuries as you go upwards.

However, this underwater welding pay is not definitive; based on skills and knowledge, you can go far above the number of 100k and as low as $40,000. There are other factors for the low salary too. For instance, certain types of underwater welding may pay you more some of them, less



  • In Land Income

Inland income for welding jobs is that job which does not require welders to go deep into the ocean or sea. You may be given small lakes and rivers to work on. The underwater welding average salary 2020 for inland welding staff is from $40,000 to $80,000. 

Moreover, the job is not as intense as it gets with offshore welding workers, and there’s way less traveling involved. However, the problem arises with the water media because freshwater lacks salt ions. This is not so good for welding. You need plenty of practice before you decide you want to work in this area.


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  • Offshore Income

In offshore welding, you can easily earn from $40,000 to $100,000 and even more every year. The salt ratio in water also makes for good media; this means that you can easily get your job done. However, your job will require lots of traveling and deep ocean activities which is why offshore welders are also given the title of divers.
You may be asked to work for more than 80 hours a week. The job mostly involves cleaning, welding, and installation of pipes. If you are a medical Technician cum an offshore welder, you can expect a major rise in your overall underwater welding salary. Moreover, the workload drop-offs in winters.




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You will need fine training and a license to get this career started because it involves deep-sea diving and you need to be good at that. More qualifications and certifications equal to more money.
Some welding divers take strenuous tests like that of saturation divers to stay inside of water for longer hours minutes in deep water. It is no joke being a diver because the training required to do this job is not for the faint-hearted.

Average Statistic Salary of Underwater Jobs As per Experience

The Senior Level Salary for underwater welding jobs in the United States is around $104k
The Average Level Salary for underwater welding jobs in the United States goes as high as $84.5k
The Entry Level Salary for underwater welders is around $59.8k in the United States as per Statistics.


Factors That Increase The Salary of Underwater Divers

Did you know that every inch and or feet inside water adds up extra money from $1 to $4? Yes. That’s correct. And most divers need to work in debt of 500 meters so you can expect your pay for underwater welding to be good. Moreover, being away from the shore puts you at risk, and this increases your pay as well. Here are some of the things based on which you can have an increase in your underwater welding salary in 2020.

Your Diving Experience

Experience is the most important factor that determines underwater welding salary. The starting salary for a new diver will be different from that of a diver with three years or more of experience.


Underwater welding staff work both internationally and nationally but away from homes. The pay may be different depending on the country and the location they are working in.

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Your certification creates a good impression on employers. If you are a certified diver or have any other experiences as well, they will know they can trust you, which means you will have more

Environment in Water

Depending on the type of environment, there may be an increase in underwater welding average salary 2020. Most underwater welding divers work in areas

  • with zero visibility
  • high wave currents
  • freezing temperatures

These conditions make the project riskier, which calls for higher  underwater welding salary.

Depth And Length of The Job

As we’ve mentioned earlier. Your salary is also dependent on the length and depth of the project. The deeper the project, the more they underwater welding salary.

Time Factor

The extra time you spend in the water adds up to your underwater welding salary. When they work offshore, underwater divers take advantage of the time factor by working for more hours and making more money.



We hope that this guide was informative and worth the read. Underwater underwater welding salary. are one of the highest paying salaries with areas for opportunities and growth still available. However, they require expertise like all other jobs. Once you work on making yourself qualified, this is where you start to go up and earn a lot more than you expect.


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