Job Title: 806H14 Plastics Fabricator B

Job Code: IMS20202109-50793

Job Location: Greenville ,TX

Job Description:

  • Forms and fabricates parts and assemblies by means of low pressure laminating or other approved techniques using materials and mixed chemical compounds through the medium of pressure, heat and molds.
  • Plastics fabricators at all levels are expected to perform work at increasing levels of skill and complexity as they gain experience.
  • Reliability, communications skills, workmanship, and good judgment are essential traits.

Essential Functions:

Responsible for, but not limited to:

  • Corrects problems by taking corrective action on equipment or materials.
  • Performs metal bonding by adhesive process on structural items requiring high tensile strength in accordance with T.P.S’s.
  • Sets up large hydraulic presses where pressures have been determined.
  • Operates curing oven to specified heat cycle, pressure and time tolerance.
  • May assist higher rated employees in the performance of their duties.
  • Performs liquid foam in-place.
  • Performs modification and technical order compliances.
  • Must be able to qualify for and maintain certifications necessary to accomplish assigned duties.
  • Bonds parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies, using proper adhesives and/or chemicals.
  • Employees may input and retrieve production data into and from computer systems.
  • Employees who are assigned a Product Quality Verification (PQV) Level II certification buys off (work performed meets specifications) their own work and verify the accuracy of work performed by non-certified/licensed employees, within their occupation. Level I employees will only buy off their own work.
  • Trains others.
  • Clean-up of work areas, tools, and equipment.


1. Works with and uses all tools, machines, materials, instruments and equipment necessary to perform duties.