Purpose of the Role

This position is for an engineering controls specialist with an emphasis on robotic controls specialization.

The responsible person will be required to develop, implement, monitor and maintain efficient automation controls processes.

To specialize in the continuous improvement, troubleshooting and programming of PLC’s/Robots as well as other automation equipment.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Well versed in ISO 9000 / ISO 14000 / TS 16949.
  • Initiates measures to improve equipment performance, methods and quality.
  • Manage all software and hardware installed on different types of equipment.
  • Ensure minimal downtimes, proper documentation, software backups and version control.
  • Robot programming, fault finding design changes.
  • Continuous robotic improvement of weld quality, sealer quality and location accuracy.
  • Installation of new equipment with regards to robots includes the initial setup of the robot and the parameters thereof. The setup and calibration of the weld gun. The parameter setup and programming of sealer systems. To commission and delegate newly installed equipment.
  • Reporting / presenting and escalate to management as needed.
  • Responsible for preventive maintenance updates on the robots and related equipment.
  • Optimization of preventive maintenance jobs based on break down analysis and findings.
  • To lead, set up and participate in cross-functional team meetings.
  • The propensity to take the lead in any breakdown situation.
  • Design, fault find and program using PLCs, HMI and SCADA.
  • Ability to read blueprints, AutoCAD, E-Plan, interpret and modify electrical schematics.
  • Performs other work-related duties as assigned.
  • Must be prepared to work shifts, and overtime as required.
  • Train and develop training documentation for maintenance personnel.

Minimum experience & qualifications required

  • Mechanical/Mechatronics/Electrical National Diploma(S- course) or Mechanical/Mechatronics/Electrical Engineering-Tech.
  • 4-5 Years Automotive experience with a preference of body shop experience.

Behavioural skills required

  • Behavioural and leadership skills.
  • Excellent English oral and written communication.
  • Ability to analyze and interpret data analysis.
  • Self-Motivated, results-driven, competent, individual.
  • Read mechanical and electronic schematics to ensure adherence to specifications and standards.
  • Excellent troubleshooting / problem-solving abilities.
  • Able to work under pressure and should be a team player.
  • Extensive knowledge in robots, with a preference for Kawasaki and Kuka robots.
  • Proven track record of robot programming projects.
  • Must have extensive knowledge of a variety of robots and robotic applications i.e.; grippers, spot welders, CO2 welders, sealer systems.
  • of robotic programming architecture AS / K-logic
  • Hands-on experience in weld guns and timers that includes parameters backing up fault-finding with a preference for Obara or Bosch.
  • In-depth knowledge of spot-welding applications / parameters / setup / fault finding.
  • Adroit in SCA sealer systems.
  • Seasoned in PLC’s. Must be able to monitor, fault-find, modify and make improvements (Siemens / Rockwell).
  • Proficient in automation networks including Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus, CAN-bus and wireless networks.
  • Fault finding and continuous improvement execution and implementation
  • 6 Sigma Certified/Trained.
  • Technical skills
  • Competencies
  • General attributes
  • Linguistic skills