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Job Title: Field Welder


Qualified welder to weld conductor and/or caisson materials using Frank’s welding procedure as per QA and Customer requirements. Cut, fit, and weld on a variety of materials and applications on an offshore or land location.


Fit and weld on steel structures and steel piles using SMAW in any position (field related) and FCAW in a horizontal position (shop related).

Set up and operate equipment for cutting steel structures and steel piles (beveling band, crawler, and cutting torch as well as a handheld cutting torch).

Setup a welding machine by extending the welding lead cables to the welding site, starting the generator, welding the ground cable to an appropriate place at the welding site, adjusting the welding machine to achieve weld characteristics and limits of the welding procedure being followed.

The ability to read, understand, and follow any applicable welding procedure for the Hammer Department.

With proper field experience, employee may be placed in a welding supervisor position when job type requires (this position will be assigned by the department manager before the crew departs to job location). Job duty is to ensure all welds and operations meet QA and safety requirements.

Non-Essential Functions: Be familiar with forklift, crane and air hoist operations. Be aware of safe drilling procedures. Repair or adjust welding machines or its related equipment that is in use.


Familiar with conductor and caisson installation procedures. Cutting, fitting, and welding materials required.

Skills: 2G, 6G certification, FRANK’S qualified welding procedures; produce radiography and ultrasonically sound welds; possess standard class A Operator’s license.

Abilities: Possess a mechanical aptitude; ability of climbing onto welding scaffolds as high as 96 inches; climbing onto a joint of pipe.

Training includes: SEMS, Safe Gulf/Safe Land, Water Survival, Rigger Training, Basic Plus Training, H2S Training, CPR/First Aid and TWIC (will be supplied by Franks Intl. if currently doesn’t possess).