Duties: Work in a general capacity as part of a team in route to assembly and installation of gin equpiment. Help with all manner of shop tasks, including assisting welders, machinists and other craftspeople. May assist in the movement of rough material (metal sheeting, components, bulk wiring and so on), and assist in placing materials for assembly. May assist in packing or unpacking stock, preparing finished equipment for delivery, and loading and unloading various components or shipments. The position includes an interesting variety of assigned tasks.

Experience/Skills/Training: A minimum of one year prior experience working in an industrial, assembly or warehouse setting is preferred. Must possess the ability to read, interpret and understand manufacturer instructions, shipping instructions, and various labels and other printed material. Ability to work in a semi-independent fashion when needed as well as being a contributing member of a professional team, while also being entirely receptive to supervision and guidance. Other related education or training is a plus. Must be able to clearly demonstrate a safety-first work mindset and have experience and abilities to implement safety practices throughout all aspects of work performed. Proficiency in English and mathematical processes as may be demonstrated by the completion of high school or similar program.

Compensation: We offer competitive compensation commensurate with skills and experience.