Mechanical – Diagnose machine operating problems, bearings, ball-screws, covers, belts, etc… Change out fixtures install on equipment, lubricate and adjust parts, maintain gear boxes and drive trains. Replace heat treat oven components. Detect and repair leaks with air and fluid lines on equipment. Maintain hydraulic systems, interpret mechanical and hydraulic drawings. Replace / rebuild accumulators; air handling units, and phosphate piping, waste treatment plumbing systems. Depressurize equipment prior to changing filters. Disassemble machinery in order to diagnose operating problems and restore to proper working order. Choose proper hand and power tools according to the assigned task.

Electrical – maintaining wiring systems for robots, conveyors, machines, and building lighting; complex control panel troubleshooting, equipment sensors, PLC, cable problems. Use electrical measurement tools such as multi-meters. Troubleshoot and replace electrical motors. Read electrical prints.

Troubleshooting washer heaters, heat exchangers, heat treat ovens, sealing station heating element, electrical cabinet air conditioning systems, cooling towers and chillers, multiline heating elements, building furnace, motor starter heating, welding heat control, laser welder heat exchanger, heating elements on the phosphate line.

Candidates must be able to diagnose problems with equipment that could be a combination of electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic. This person must have the flexibility to work any shift and be able to document work in our current work order system, look up parts via machine manual and SAP system. Have a knowledge of how to request replacement parts and/or service through a Purchase Requisition in SAP.

Responsible for communicating when there is an issue affecting the Environment, Health, Safety or Quality to his / her respective Manager

Formal Qualifications

High School Diploma

Industrial Maintenance Courses

5 years experence in some type of a Maintenance background.