Job Duties

1. Conduct classes in multiple welding processes at the pre-employment, apprentice, upgrader and service program levels as assigned.
2. Select, design, update and construct training aids/materials.
3. Prepare and deliver lessons, assignments, lectures and demonstrations for education purposes.
4. Evaluate students through the use of exams, assignments and observations; and to record student progress.
5. Supervise students in classroom, shop, labs, tours; Saskatchewan Polytechnic property and Saskatchewan Polytechnic sanctioned activities.
6. Counsel students and prospective students on matters pertaining to the program and job opportunities.
7. Assist in/arrange for equipment maintenance within the program.
8. Assist in conducting and maintaining inventory, and in ordering supplies, equipment and books.
9. Attend, whenever possible, staff meetings, trade seminars, workshops, etc. to keep current with industry and educational requirements.
10. Possess good interpersonal skills and a willingness to work in a “team” environment.
11. Communicate verbally and written, ideas and concepts in an accurate and concise manner.