To ensure that all welding procedures and process controls are followed.

Evaluate and determine weld quality for multiple product and customer specifications.

Provide technical guidance to production and maintenance teams.

Assist Engineers on developing laser welding techniques and procedures used in production.

Resolve production issues related to laser welding processes.

Document appropriate laser welding equipment and settings.

Work with manufacturing team to create process control documentation for each welding operation.


Diagnose machine operating problems, bearings, ball-screws, covers, belts, etc.


Maintaining wiring systems for robots, conveyors, & machines- complex control panel troubleshooting, equipment sensors, PLCs, cable problems.

Develop detailed and structured documentation that will guide associates & trainees through the diagnostic & repair process (Lessons learned)

Work with quality team to create and coordinate testing activities and reporting requirements.

Provide technical guidance and expertise to production operators on welding related issues.

Document testing and evaluation of new materials and weld joints.

Assist with analyzing, developing and achieving precision weld requirements for parts pertaining to dimensions and tolerances of finished work-piece, sequence of operations, and setup requirements.

Assist with programing, tooling and operating robot during initial production to verify accuracy of machine settings and programmed data.

Verifies conformance of finished work-piece to specifications, using precision measuring instruments.

Troubleshoots programming, fixtures and production related issues as necessary by operating and/or observing equipment to detect malfunctions or non-conforming conditions and adjusts machine controls as required.

Benchmarks and monitors daily production processes on laser welding cells.

Develops procedures and work instructions related to the laser welding process across multiple part numbers/programs.

Trains set-up and operator personnel on production, quality and safety procedures associated with laser welding.

Assist/lead prototype weld trials.

Assist in the quotes on existing projects.

Performs all job functions to meet acceptable quality and performance standards.

Communicates with other departments to coordinate activities, eliminate problems and facilitate work flow.

Follows all safety procedures and wears safety equipment or apparel as required.

Uses basic office equipment including but not limited to: copier, facsimile, calculator, computer, printers and telephone/paging system.

The employee may be required to follow other job-related instructions and duties as requested, subject to all applicable state and federal laws.

Responsible for communicating when there is an issue affecting the Environment, Health, Safety or Quality to his / her respective Manager