Orion Marine Group has an immediate opening for Pile Drivers, in Port Arthur, TX providing support to Orion Marine Construction, Inc. This position works near vessels, water, and heavy equipment.

This position is accountable for supporting field operations at marine project locations for Orion Marine Construction Gulf Coast. Incumbents are responsible for supporting crane operations in the construction or repair of marine terminals and dock facilities. Typically, they will work closely with the Project Superintendent, Barge Foreman, Pile Driver Operator, Welders, Boat Captain, Laborers and other skilled or semi-skilled crafts persons.


Works as assigned by the Barge Foreman and/or Pile Driver Operator to ensure the successful completion of ongoing or new marine construction projects.

Assists in unloading and assembling of crane or other hoisting equipment to be used in piledriving activities.

Unloads and assembles piledriving hammer and leads.

Unloads various types of piling – concrete, pipe, H-piling, timber and steel sheet piling.

Fuels, lubricates and maintains the piledriving hammer.

Lays out from blueprints and/or site plans the exact location where the pilings will be driven.

Performs site preparation for the installation of various concrete and wood structures.

Prepares the piling to be driven and assists in positioning and driving the piling.

Assists with the installation of boom and hoisting cables on the joisting equipment.

Employs knowledge of construction rigging, such as use of slings, cable chokers, spreader bars, and multi-part load blocks, to complete crane hoisting tasks.

Utilizes various hand signals for communicating with the Pile Driver Operator of hoisting equipment.

Works with Pile Driver Operator to maneuver and position loads over designated areas in a smooth, safe manner.

Sets up power and hand tools necessary to prepare specific pilings.

Uses oxygen/acetylene welding torch to cut steel plates, pipes, beams, etc.

Uses pneumatic power tools – drills, countersinks, and tuggers – as required.

Uses gasoline chain saw to cut timbers and timber piling.

Dresses and caps the pilings after having been driven and prepares them to receive the superstructure.

Builds the formwork for concrete structure, and constructs the timber falsework for all kinds of structures.

Performs other related piledriving duties as may be required by specific project.

Works closely with Pile Driver Operator, Barge Foreman, Welders, Laborers and other skilled craft persons to complete current projects in a safe and efficient manner.

Participates in Safety and Environmental initiatives that will contribute to compliance of State/Federal regulations and improve existing Company programs.

All employees, current and former, must maintain confidentiality by not disclosing to others any confidential, proprietary or trade secret information belonging to the Company.

Responsible and accountable for the incumbent’s own personal safety.

Responsible and accountable for the safety of all our co-workers and any others incumbent comes in contact with.

Authorized and obligated to stop work on any task or series of tasks whenever an unsafe condition or situation is anticipated or is observed.

Complies with all applicable laws, regulations and Company policies and procedures, and is subject to appropriate disciplinary action (including dismissal) for failure to do so.

Reports any and all violations of applicable laws, regulations or Company policies and procedures promptly, and is subject to appropriate disciplinary action (including dismissal) for failure to do so.

Performs other related administrative and technical duties as may be assigned or requested by immediate supervision (such as certification training, safety training, procedure review, etc.).


A minimum of two (2) years crane rigging and/or operations experience on land and on barges or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the necessary piledriving and crane operations skills, knowledge and abilities is required. The incumbent must:

Understand the basic functions and operations of various types of pile hammers – diesel, air, hydraulic and drop hammers.

Be able to read and understand blueprints or site plans from which the piledriving work will be done.

Have general knowledge of construction rigging – use of slings, cable chokers, spreader bars, multi-part load blocks, etc.

The Company expects and requires the incumbent and each of its other employees to observe and fulfill the above and all other safety responsibilities and actively work toward maintaining a safe workplace. Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.


The incumbent must be able to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable workplace accommodation.

The individual must also be able to wear and properly utilize appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to work or visit within areas where it is required. This includes a hard hat, safety glasses, respirators, earplugs, steel-toed shoes, or other protective equipment as required by the work performed and location the work is being done.

This individual must also have the ability to identify critical issues and formulate action plans with all levels of management, including corporate.

The incumbent must possess the ability to remain calm during emergencies and respond appropriately as dictated by the circumstance of the incident and as directed by the Safety Representative or other management personnel. Must be capable of evacuating the work area in a timely manner should an emergency situation arise.

In addition, Pile Drivers must also be capable of:
Walking, stepping, climbing or otherwise moving from one location on the job site to another, and normally involves physically getting onto and off work barges, boats, vessels, or dock facilities of varying heights and access parameters

Standing, stooping kneeling, squatting, climbing or sitting for long periods of time

Repetitive movements by feet, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands and back in performance of work

Climbing vertical ladders to heights of 40’-50’

Working in confined spaces and at elevated heights

Lifting and carry objects up to 50 lbs. as required

Adapting to extreme temperature changes, outdoor conditions, and prolonged exposure

Remaining calm during emergencies and respond appropriately as dictated by the circumstance of the incident

Be qualified and physically able to drive regular passenger vehicles to visit work locations and job sites