SICIM is a Construction Company established in 1962 and offering all types of services related to the installation of pipelines and relevant ancillary facilities for the transmission and distribution of oil, gas and water on an international basis.

The Project Welding Coordinator is responsible for:


  • carrying out the Requirements Review and Technical Review check related to welding and NDT aspects;
  • examining the project documentations for determining any needs and technical requirements concerning welding and NDT, including welding consumable purchase;
  • collaborate for preparing the testing program for welding procedure qualification;
  • prepare technical documentation (procedures, method statements, reports, matrix, WPQR, WPS,..);
  • organizing the welding procedures qualification sessions and welders / welding operators qualifications;
  • collaborate with Procurement Dep. concerning welding filler materials and shielding gasses purchase and stock management;
  • coordinating with Client inspector and/or Notified Body supervision WPQT and test samples including laboratory testing.


  • technical support and problem solving for welding and NDT during production activity;
  • proceeding with the coordination of the welding activities once production is underway;
  • collaborating with Corporate Welding Department and Project Management in order to achieve appropriate management of welding and NDT quality and maintaining the quality and production goals for welding and NDT;
  • Liaison (focal point) with Client and the NDT Subcontractor.
  • programming and carrying out inspection checks on the welding and NDT activities, including coordination and surveillance of NDT crews, welding crews and welding inspection personnel;
  • keeping the quality documentations and records updated according pertinent Inspection Test Plan;
  • keeping the registers and certificates updated for the extension of qualification validity for welders and welding operators and the lists of the compulsory standards and documents.
  • statistical analysis of performance (KPI).


  • preparing master dossier of project document for final consignment (as-built, soft and hard copy);
  • final statistical analysis of performance (KPI).


  • At least 5 years of experience in similar scale projects in the O&G sector
  • specific experience and knowledge in mechanized welding process (GMAW) and
  • AUT inspection (preferable Olympus Pipewizard equipment)
  • ECA alternative criteria of acceptability methodology
  • The candidate should own:
  • International Welding Engineer (IWE) or Technology (IWT) or similar certification + 2
  • NDT level 2 radiographic acc. to ISO 9712 or ASNT or similar method RT – VT
  • NDT training for AUT