RF Welding Operator is responsible for following work instructions and process procedures to weld (attach) various cut shaped panels together to make either the final product or a sub-assembly of a final product. The process is commonly known as Radio-frequency Heat sealing, High Frequency Heat sealing, or Dielectric Heat sealing. The welding operation begins with the application of pressure applied to the parts to be joined for a specified time while pressure from the electrodes is maintained. Dielectric heating causes the parts that are in intimate contact to melt, and the liquid polymers diffuse into each other at the interface. Solidification of the joint occurs while pressure is maintained for a specified time. After a short cooling period the parts are removed.

Job Duties:

  • Lifts and prepares cut panels of fabric for welding
  • Operates the welding equipment and inputs the correct parameters to start and maintain the operation of the machine as per the process procedures.
  • Ensures material is correct as per shop order
  • Ensures that products are processed as per specifications
  • May mark fabric using marking patterns
  • Trains new welding machine operators
  • Records data on shop packets and other documents as required
  • Performs calculations and conversions using metric and imperial measurement systems
  • Performs basic preventive maintenance such as applying oil.
  • Performs housekeeping duties
  • Understanding of ISO 9001:2015
  • Must be willing to work flexible hours, including evening shift.
  • All other duties as required

Physical/Working Conditions

  • Works in a standing upright position with little or no exposure to extreme temperatures, lighting, noise, or chemicals. Incumbent may be required to pull or push objects up to a maximum of 50 lbs and may perform repetitive movements.
  • Hot air welding emits fumes from certain fabrics when heated, fume extraction is in place.
  • RF welding emits radio signals that are not harmful.

Full on the job training provided and Valid Police Records Check required if hired for role.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Day shift
  • Monday to Friday


  • Welding: 1 year (preferred)


Work remotely: