You must primarily have fabrication skills in sheet metal, section and all types of forming. Experience and confidence to teach Art and Design students safe practice in MIG, TIG, soldering and spot welding are essential prerequisites. A basic knowledge of kinetic work and light engineering would be desirable. You will have experience and familiarity with a wide range of mechanical fixings, fixtures, materials and metal stock in this field. As the role is to work with students to help realise their designs, some experience with planning, design and drawing is also useful.

Students are at the forefront of this job and some experience in teaching, to FE / HE level, is desirable. We are looking for a candidate to assist with course aligned teaching for small groups as well as independent 1-1 teaching. A basic familiarity with online teaching tools is also a very desirable skill.

If you have any queries about this role that are not covered in the documentation, please contact Christine Crouch, Staffing Administrator, email: jobs.ccw@arts.ac.uk.