Posting Number: T20-246
Date Issued: December 1, 2020

Worksite: Chilliwack Secondary School
Contract Type: Temporary, Full-Time
Assignment Area(s): Applied Skills – Metalwork / Welding / Career Life Education
Effective Date: Immediately until not later than January 18, 2021 (or return of teacher)
Deadline for Applications: December 9, 2020 – 12:00 pm

Electronic Applications must be submitted through Make A Future www.makeafuture.ca and include a Cover Letter, Resume, Teaching Report, Transcripts & the names of 2 supervisors who can comment on your teaching.

Required Abilities, Qualifications and Experience:

  • extensive academic training, professional preparation and qualifications in teaching in all areas of this assignment
  • knowledge of, and demonstrated application of the Ministry of Education’s current philosophy, teaching practices, and evaluation/assessment/reporting procedures as applied to all areas of this assignment
  • demonstrated competence in teaching secondary school Metalwork and Welding
  • extensive training and experience in teaching Metalwork and Welding
  • demonstrated ability to devise and use a variety assessment processes that effectively allow students to demonstrate learning through a hands-on welding experience
  • demonstrated experience in teaching Career Education
  • extensive training and experience in using industry standard software for Drafting (Example: AutoCAD, Inventor, and other Autodesk products)
  • demonstrated commitment to professional learning in the Trades
  • demonstrated skills supporting and mentoring students with project-based learning where students can work individually or collaboratively on in-depth learning experiences
  • demonstrated ability to recognize individual students’ differences and effectively differentiate instruction and assessment to meet the learning needs of all students in a diverse classroom for all subjects in this assignment at the secondary school level
  • demonstrated use of highly successful instructional strategies in the classroom
  • demonstrated ability to adapt or modify curriculum for students who are experiencing difficulties
  • demonstrated sensitivity, awareness and understanding of adolescent development and enthusiasm for working, and developing positive relationships, with adolescents
  • commitment and willingness to work collaboratively with staff, parents and administration in order to support all students through an RTI system and student-centered model
  • commitment to becoming involved and positively contributing to the culture of the school
  • ability to demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills with students, staff and parents
  • evidence of personal initiative and strong work ethic with a proven ability to work collaboratively as an effective team member

For Further Information Contact: Brian Fehlauer, Principal; Louis Abraham, Vice Principal; Grant Kushniryk, Vice Principal; Carol Petek, Vice Principal (604) 795-7295