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Charlotte, NC

Posted 2 years ago

Job Summary:
Perform many different kinds of welding and cutting using gas and electric welding and cutting equipment to fabricate steel.

Required Job Functions and Qualifications

Primary Functions:
Maintain good attendance and reliability.

Certified in FCAW in the 2G and 1G positions, in unlimited thickness.

Certified in GMAW in the 2G and 1G positions, in unlimited thickness.

Certified to tack weld in all positions in FCAW and GMAW processes.

Accurately read weld symbols and check weld size using weld fillet gauges.

Properly operate air arc to remove steel (back-gouging).

Some understanding of AWS joint designations.

Consistently produces visually acceptable tack welds.

Is completely familiar with the AWS visual acceptance criteria for welds and consistently produces visually acceptable welds.

Proper understanding of all welding parameters of the WPS.

Properly set welding machines according to WPS parameters.

Properly follow WPS as it applies to volts, amps & wire feed speed, etc.

Properly preheat material to required temperature using temperature sticks and heating torch/cutting torch per preheat & interpass temperature tables.

Use natural gas tube heaters to preheat steel if needed.

Use air chipper to chip and completely remove weld slag.

Completely remove all weld spatter.

Grind with 90° angle grinder.

Meet requirement of the Primary Functions of Class “C” welder with greater efficiency.

Perform routine maintenance checks and routine maintenance

Have an “ear” for potential welding machine problems by being able to describe and diagnose the current machine issue.

Be aware and responsible of surrounding environment and safety orientated with this environment.

Maintain clean machine, and good housekeeping, keeping area neat and orderly at all times.

Operate pendant or remote controlled bridge crane safely and efficiently.

Be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs over shoulder height frequently.

Be able to speak and understand enough English to accurately follow basic instructions.

Accurately and properly clock in and out on all different jobs and all shop orders worked on.

Work required hours to help meet production schedule and satisfy the needs of internal customers.

Other Functions:
Properly operate stud welding machine.

Heat, straighten and be able to know where to use preheat to offset distortion.

Properly operate cutting torch, making cuts that are straight, square and true, and free of slag.

Consistently burn visually acceptable block outs, with little or no grinding.

Use magnetic drill, reamer, and portable punches for making holes.

Performs all work in the fastest and most efficient ways possible.

Assure quantity and quality of work before sending to next operation.

Have knowledge of the tools, machines, equipment, and materials used in a steel fabricating shop.

Perform other duties as required by management.

Job Features

Job Category Fabrication