1. Performs maintenance and repair welding on equipment such as large mowers, tractors, trucks, heavy equipment, animal cages, and machinery to ensure compliance with layouts, blueprints, or work orders.

2. Performs preventive maintenance on equipment to ensure proper operation.

3. Welds metal components to fabricate equipment or structures according to layouts, blueprints or work orders using arc and gas welders, acetylene oxygen welding equipment, MIG (metallic inert gas) welder, portable magnetic drill press or cutting torch.

4. Maintains welding supplies inventory to ensure necessary supplies are available when needed.

5. Drives and operates a mobile welding unit to make necessary field repairs.

6. Assists in the mechanical repair of heavy equipment to maintain proper working condition.

Performs Depending on Location:

1. Trains and assists apprentice welders in performing job duties.

Working Conditions & Hazards:

  • Requires carrying, dragging, holding, pushing, pulling, lifting, kneeling, bending, twisting, walking, reaching, squatting, and considerable standing.

  • Major activities on level, slippery, sloping, uneven or unstable surfaces.

  • Exposed to extreme cold, heat and heights; constant noise; mechanical, electrical, explosive, chemical and toxic waste hazards; dust, mites, fumes and odors.