This National Guard position is for a WELDER, Position Description Number D1215000 and is part of the NC G4, National Guard (G4-MATES/ Manning Document 7021-901).

As an WELDER, WG-3703-10 you will perform welding duties using electric, acetylene, and/or inert gas shielded welding processes, pre-heating, brazing, head welding, tack welding, flame cutting, pressure welding, and heat treating; use templates, jigs, blueprints, and other guides to repair, modify, or fabricate metal items including repair of light or intricately made mechanical parts, which must fit in assemblies where close tolerances are required; make numerous types of joints using flat, vertical, horizontal, and overhead positions on light and heavy equipment such as axles, frames, gun mounts and components, carriers, tanks, metal decks constructed of a variety of weldable metals; weld or reinforce heavy armor plate. Performs precision welding on jigs, dies, engineering and automotive equipment; braze dissimilar metals; flame cuts metal to size for fabrication, using regular welding equipment utilize basic sheet metal tools and equipment such as a bender, press, roller, shear, and band saw to repair and/or fabricate a variety of equipment air conditioning and heater duct units, storage cabinets, and components for armored personnel carriers; read and interpret blueprints and sketches; lay out, positions, and clamps work; selects type of rod and size of tip to accomplish weld; determine heat necessary; adjusts equipment accordingly; manually maintains proper speed, flame motion, tip and angle, and position of the welding flame to produce desired pattern.