Do you have the desire to build really bad-ass Products?

Do you respect and communicate well with your teammates?

Do you color outside the lines?

South Texas Outfitters is looking for bad-ass welders to build and design the highest quality truck and hunting accessories on the market. We strive to get better every day and are looking for welders that want to do the same.

We are looking for the few bad asses that can show us their creativity, make smart decisions as a team member, do what they say they are going to do, and complete projects on time. This is not assembly work – assembly work can be done by anyone. We are looking for the welder that wants something different, is self-motivated, and thrives on seeing a satisfied customers drive off with the bad-ass products your team built and created.

If you know your way around a welding shop and all the cool tools used to create bad-ass products and you can stack dimes with a mig welder, then you need to come see us.

Oh yea – we keep our word – for 20 years we have always provide a minimum 40 hour work week and never laid off an employee. Yes we also offer all the other important benefits.

Email resume and photos of some of the cool things you’ve done or Better yet . . . Stop by and see some of the bad-ass stuff we are working on and apply at

South Texas Outfitters

8211 Hwy 281 N

San Antonio, Texas 78216