Weld efficiently carbon and stainless steel metals (but could include other alloys) in thickness ranging from .030 and up. The welding process is usually GTAW but can include GMAW, FCAW and SMAW processes as well.
Welder 1 will mainly perform GTAW on carbon materials. Stainless materials and other welding processes will be evaluated after hire.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Obtains specified electrode and inserts electrode into portable holder or threads consumable electrode wire through portable welding gun. Main process is operating a tig rig with foot pedal control.
  • Use of GTAW weld procedures performed in an efficient manner. (this is a must, 2” sch 80 6G test will be given with a production timeframe. Maximum of 1 hour to perform weld.)
  • Connects cables from welding unit to obtain amperage, voltage, slope, and pulse, as specified per weld procedure. CSI has a paperless shop system. Being able to read/understand welding procedures and project specifications is part of the position.
  • Starts power supply to produce electric current.Yes
  • Strikes (forms) arc which generates heat to melt and deposit metal from electrode to workpiece and join edges of workpiece. Yes
  • Manually guides electrode or gun along weld line, maintaining length of arc and speed of movement to form specified depth of fusion and bead, based on color of metal, sound of weld, and size of molten puddle. Welder 1 is basically a GTAW welders task.
  • Tacks assemblies together. Must be able to understand basic fitting to tack parts/assemblies
  • Welds in flat, horizontal, vertical, or overhead positions. Yes
  • Examines weld for bead size and other specifications. Yes, 100% of our products go through a QC non-destructive examination. Welder needs to understand types of welds and fill sizes.
  • Applies filler rod manually to supply weld metal. Yes
  • Cleans or degreases weld joint or workpiece. Yes, when needed. Needs to be able to evaluate loose and tacked components for quality fits/welds
  • Repairs broken or cracked parts and fills holes. Yes, will need to perform repairs if needed
  • Prepares broken parts for welding by grooving or scarfing surfaces. For a welder 1 this will be minimal
  • Grinds pipe and pipe fittings to create bevel, remove outer protective surfaces and otherwise prepare material to be joined together. For welder 1 this will be minimal unless we use individual to help fitter.
  • Chips off excess weld, slag, and spatter. For a GTAW weld this should be minimal, but yes it is necessary for the welder to assess his welds and repair as needed before forwarding to Quality Control for checking.
  • Preheats workpiece with hand torch or heating furnace. This will be rare for the Welder 1, but project specifications will dictate job requirements.
  • Positions and clamps workpieces together or assemblies them in jig or fixture. This is a must. Pieces will constantly be different configurations. Welder must be able to decipher best method to make the best and fastest weld
  • Maintain clean work environment. This is a must. CSI is following a lean principal where Safety, Quality, and Productivity is our priorities of focus, in that order. Part of safety is a clean working environment. It is expected that area is cleaned daily

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Salary: $25.00 – $28.18 per hour


Weekly day range:


  • Welding: 1 year (Required)

Work Location: One location

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