Shift Rotation:

Days and Afternoon rotate two weeks at a time

Overtime – 1.5 x base rate of pay: After 38.33 hours in a week
Double time – 2.0 x base rate of pay: After 46 hours in a week

Major Responsibilities:

  • Load and unload of robotic weld cells.
  • Participate in shift start and end meetings with Zone TL and Support team. Read and observe role assignment, change points and alerts posted. Sign alerts to acknowledge awareness.
  • Follow Standardized Work instructions and periodic work instruction to run all cells in zone as trained.
  • Perform equipment start-up checks and document results.
  • Inspect and report the safety of equipment, workplace conditions and activities including all accidents or near miss situations.
  • Demonstrate and actively support safety and PPE standards.
  • Complete process checks including restocking, tip exchange as well as other “off-line” rework as necessary.
  • Isolate suspect or nonconforming product. Assist with sorting/identifying/repairing non-conforming product and investigating and repairing root cause of non-conforming product.
  • Complete Cell report including wellness, build #, defects information for each period and summarize shift at end of shift. Also, report runtime and equipment and nonproductive downtime as it occurs.
  • Complete “5S” tasks and TPM duties as required.
  • Attend Company communication meetings.
  • Support flexible work schedules including reporting to work early and staying late as required to support startup and overtime periods. Support production on weekends as required.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the EPRP (Emergency Preparedness Response Plan).Demonstrate an understanding of FIO’s Environmental Policy and participate in programs that enhance environmental performance. Identify and communicate any potential non-conformances.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the significant environmental impacts of your work activities; follow work instructions to ensure positive environmental performance is sustained. Understand the consequences of deviating from them.
  • Report concern and make suggestions for continual improvement “kaizen”. Participate in Kaizen implementation activities.
  • Assist in the training of new Team Members by reading and demonstrating Standardized or periodic Work.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Achieve Grade 12 or equivalent
  • Able to manually lift 12 kg repetitively and up to a maximum of 20kg periodically
  • Possess good manual dexterity skill to handle tools and multiple components
  • Possess good hand-eye co-ordination skills to set component in specific orientation
  • Able to see details of weld and assembly with strong attention to abnormality
  • Self-motivated to complete tasks in allotted time
  • Accept redirection to different work assignment
  • Accept constructive criticism and coaching
  • Engage cooperatively with other team members
  • Adapt to workplace changes to meet management objectives.

FIO Automotive Canada Corporation is proud to provide employment accommodation during the recruitment process. Should you require any accommodations, please indicate this on your application/cover letter or email us at info@fioauotomotive.com and we will work with you to meet your accessibility needs.